A 1-year-old boy in Illinois is recovering after an escaped python slithered into his crib, wrapped itself around his leg and bit him.

William Winans' father, Devin, discovered the 2-foot-long reptile while checking on his son Monday night. He told The Herald & Review newspaper he had heard William moving around, but felt something "really slimy" when he reached into the crib.

"I immediately turned the light on and saw the snake, a ball python, wrapped around his foot, constricting it, and trying to eat his foot," Devin Winans told ABC News.

William's mother used a blanket to pull the python off her son's foot and took him to a local hospital for treatment.

According to The Herald & Review, the snake belonged to a woman in a neighboring apartment.

Shelby C. Guyette, 23, was cited by Mattoon police for not having the snake in a secure terrarium, the newspaper reported.