Of the millions of tweets sent out every day, one in particular about the desert caught our eye.

Monday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted: "Ugly wind turbines have destroyed the entrance to Palm Springs, CA. These monstrocities are ruining landscapes all over the globe -- expensive and bad electric."

On the phone, Mr. Trump told us some of the things that bother him most about the turbines that freckle the gateway to Palm Springs.

"The turbines are made in China for the most part and certainly outside the United States, but mostly in China. They are a bird killing machines, they kill birds," Donald Trump said.

We went straight to the source, to the wind farm in Palm Springs, and spoke to a wind turbine tour director who has been in the energy business for 45 years.

"The number one cause of bird kills is window glass off our houses, the number two cause of bird kills are domesticated house cats," Best of the Best tour guide Ken Huskey said. "Way down on that list, you're going to find wind turbines. In fact, the government says out of every 100, 000 birds that are killed by a manmade cause, 3 out of 100,000 are killed by wind turbines."

As far as most of the turbines being made in China, according to Huskey, "The first generation turbines we have here are made in Denmark, those right behind us are the new ones, 1.5 megawatt units made in the United Sates."

Engineers realized the mountain pass' potential to provide energy a very long time ago. The desert's very first wind turbine was back in the 1920s. Currently, about four and a half percent of the energy we receive here in southern California comes from wind turbines.

"I don't consider green energy ugly turbines sticking up out of the ground and killing birds by the tens of thousands. I don't consider that green energy, I call that destructive energy," Trump said. "I've seen Palm Springs many times, I love Palm Springs, and it's just very sad to see what's happened when you look at what's going on when you enter the town and you see that disaster of wind turbines all over the place."

It may seem hard to ever disagree with "The Donald", but people we talked to definitely sang a different tune.

"They look different. That's what the valley is, it's different. We're not like anywhere else," Palm Springs resident Steven Simpson said.

"It's almost like a tourist attraction, because you don't see them everywhere, and to see how big they really are," Terry Bolo, from west Hollywood, said.

One thing everyone we talked with agreed on, Donald Trump included, Palm Springs is an amazing city. Mr. Trump just says he hopes it stays that way.

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