THERMAL, Calif. -

Hundreds of students are protesting the firing of two top administrators at Desert Mirage High School.

Students walked out of Desert Mirage High School around 7 this morning and arrived at the CVUSD office around 10 a.m. One student said they would stay there until this evening when the school district is holding an open meeting to discuss the protests and firings.

Some students have already left on buses while most continue to sit outside the front door of the school district office.

Local police are not interfering with the protests.

This comes after superintendent Dr. Darryl Adams held a meeting Monday night to discuss the firings.

According to parents, Adams held the meeting to address the student protest Monday morning that happened in response to alleged administration cuts. Students and parents at Desert Mirage High School protested the alleged firings of their principal and vice-principal.

While the firings are not yet confirmed by the school district, multiple sources tell us principal Mario Walker and vice principal Max Freidman have been fired. Parents tell us this is the fourth principal to be fired in four years.

About 100 parents and students were at Desert Mirage High School Monday night.

Parents said superintendent Dr. Darryl Adams kept talking about the district's community involvement and effort to better student education -- and dodging their questions about administrative cuts.

One parent told us Dr. Adams didn't say why, but he said "unfortunately, Mr. Walker and Mr. Friedman are not here anymore." Those are the principal and vice principal, respectively, of Desert Mirage.