LA QUINTA, Calif. -

Nearly 3,000 Coachella Valley kids play football and soccer for several La Quinta sports associations. Their game will soon be affected after the La Quinta City Council said yes on Tuesday to implement a new youth sports player fee.

Come March 2013, La Quinta residents will start paying an additional $5 per sports season. Non-residents will have to kick in an extra $10 -- totaling an estimated $21,562 in revenue.

For 2014, the associations AYSO, La Quinta Youth and Sports Association, and the Palm Desert/La Quinta Football Association agreed for those fees to increase even more -- $10 for residents and $15 for non-residents -- totaling an estimated $32,937.

"It's not a huge fee, it's not going to make me not put them in it," said Crystal Rowzee.

Other parents, however, said the new fees can really add up.

"If parents have more than one kid, it's going to be coming out to more than $100," said Karissa Luna, of La Quinta.

The city said the fees are meant to help cover the costs of maintenance for the three city sports fields the associations use. That maintenance sweeps up about $300,000 each year.

"I understand they have to pay their bills but I know people aren't probably happy to have to pay additional to use these parks that are essentially supposed to be free," said Rowzee.

There's some good news for parents who have kids playing in the Palm Desert/La Quinta Football Association. They will only have to fork over half the price as they use fields in both cities.

Luna said it's only a matter of time before her 6-month-old son plays on these fields.

"By the time he plays, imagine how much they're going to be? I want him to play a lot of sports too," she said.