Border Patrol rescues undocumented immigrant from All American Canal

POSTED: 01:22 PM PDT Mar 25, 2013 
CALEXICO, Calif. -

Just after 5 a.m. Monday morning, Border Patrol agents in Calexico rescued a Mexican citizen who was drowning in the All American Canal as he and one other man were attempting to swim across.

The individuals were discovered when Border Patrol agents operating a remote video surveillance system spotted two men swimming across the canal. One man was struggling to stay afloat in the rapid current and nearby agents were called to respond to the area. Agents located the man and pulled him from the water using rescue throw bags.

After the rescue, agents learned the men were Mexican citizens in the United States illegally, and took them to the El Central Border Patrol station for processing.

In a written statement, Border Patrol said: "This incident highlights the dangers of attempting to enter the United States illegally. It serves as a reminder that a moving body of water, such as the All American Canal, while appearing calm on the surface can be extremely dangerous.  This further exemplifies the efforts Border Patrol agents undertake to preserve human life in the course of their duties."