Are you afraid of being phone-less?

POSTED: 05:24 PM PST Feb 27, 2013    UPDATED: 05:25 PM PST Feb 27, 2013 

When your cell phone talks, you answer.

Studies show many of us have a serious addiction to this device.

"It's pretty much by the bedside, check email in the morning right when I wake up. That kind of thing," Garrison Tarnow said.

If the thought of a phone addiction makes you LOL, listen to this.

Research shows more than 50% of people might be nomophobic, meaning they're afraid to be without their phone.

Can you believe that?  

"Absolutely, I want my phone with me all the time," Tarnow said.
"It's non-stop work-wise, in term of clients. They expect us to be addressing all their needs no matter what time of day it is," Doug Kaczmarek said.

"I've gotten calls about business on Sunday night, Sunday morning, holidays," Tarnow said.

Here's an OMG for you. Eighteen to 24 year olds send an average of 110 text messages a day and check their phones an average of 60 times per day.

On Facebook, I asked if you consider yourself nomophobic.  Of the 73 people who replied, 47 said 'yes'!

Sometimes you need technology.

"Actually just found out my wife took the dog to the vet, so checking up on that,"  Kaczmarek said.

Sometimes, though, you just don't. Unplugging, literally, can help your mental health.

Experts suggest giving your cell some alone time.

Write hand written thank you's instead of emails. Get lost in your city one afternoon so you don't have to use iPhone maps next time. Read a book - not on an iPad.

Some other ways to unplug:
-de-clutter your home
-host a phone-free potluck
-play a board game
-dig through childhood memorabilia