9th Annual El Paseo Fashion Week kicks off

9th Annual El Paseo Fashion Week kicks off

PALM DESERT, Calif. - "Lots of sparkles and bags and jewelry, as you can see I purchased some," said Marty Hernandez, a La Quinta resident who came to the opening day of El Paseo Fashion Week.

The signature event takes over the valley's most celebrated shopping district once again.

"It's like art, it's like seeing an art show," said Lynn Salandro, a Palm Desert resident.

The week kicked off with the premiere "Fashion Frenzy" tent, 15 pop-up shops showcasing up-and-coming designers.

"Fashion Frenzy is curated with 15 high-end designers, jewelers, and shops, all who have a certain aesthetic of being high end but fun, and something you wouldn't ordinarily see on the runway," said Susan Stein, Creative Producer of El Paseo Fashion Week.

Visitors even got to interact one-on-one with the designers, for some personalized fashion tips. 

"We get a chance to meet with the local people, all my fans who see my work on the runways and in the press," said jewelry designer Joe Vilaiwan.

"They make it personal and they're artists, so a lot of their creation is them," Hernandez said.

Next door at the Style and Beauty Bash tent, you could get your hair and makeup done by the pros, and all proceeds go to local charities. The high-end services cost between $5 and $30.

"To go into a salon and pay big money you're hesitant, but to come out here and see all this and actually have the money go to charity that's really wonderful," Salandro said.

And with a schedule chock-full of runway shows and unique presentations, El Paseo Fashion Week may be just the "dress" relief you need.

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