84 cited for fake handicap placards during Weekend 1 of Coachella

INDIO, Calif. - Police continue to crack down on people illegally parking in handicap spots near the Polo Grounds.

Indio police worked with the DMV to cite 84 people for fraudulent use of a disabled person's placard during Weekend 1 of Coachella. 

Indio police had warned festival goers last week that they would have an investigator from the DMV checking and verifying the identity of people's placards and whether they were eligible to use an ADA spot.

IPD and the DMV will have an investigator out again for all three days of Weekend 2.

If you have a handicap placard make sure to bring the proper paperwork. If you get caught using someone else's placard, police say its a misdemeanor which could lead to your car being towed or being taken into police custody.


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