78-year-old hiker rescued on Cathedral City trail

Hiker reported heat exhausted symptoms

78-year-old hiker rescued from Cathedral

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - 78-year-old hiker rescued on Cathedral City trail after feeling heat exhaustion symptoms.

According to fire crews on scene, four male hikers started their hike on the Indian Canyon Trail. They eventually ended up on Dunn Rd in Cathedral City.

One of the hikers, Bill, 78, started feeling heat exhaustion symptoms. The group had water but nothing to replenish electrolytes.

Bill is an experienced hiker who lives in the Coachella Valley part-time.

"I do a lot of hiking out here, today for some reason I was exhausted," Bill told KESQ / CBS Local 2's Joe Galli. 

Police were going to rescue the hiker via helicopter but they found that a helicopter wasn't necessary. Instead, some bikers rode up the trail and delivered supplies to the hikers. 

The bikers also helped guide the hikers down the trail, where they received medical treatment.

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