6th Annual Desert Woman's Show promotes women's health and wellness

6th Annual Desert Woman's Show promotes women's health and wellness

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - "We want women to trust each other and share ideas and share experiences," said Diana Marlow, Executive Director of the 6th Annual Desert Woman's Show.

The show brings women of the valley together, offering a hands-on look at the products and services available to help them look and feel their best. 

"I don't think we do it enough, I think we're always caught up in our daily lives," said Charisse Dahlke, a first time attendee of the show.

More than 75 local vendors are on exhibit this year, providing tips on fashion, cosmetics and fitness. There are also seminars and breakout sessions with experts in a variety of fields. 

"We looked at a little bit of their self-esteem, spirituality, maybe dating in your 50s is an issue. So we really try to select these speakers to be different," Marlow said.

This year's show is especially focused on health and helping women feel good from the inside out. Doctors were on hand to answer questions related to exercise, sleep and nutrition.  

"It's everyone's job to remind a woman to take care of herself, because if you're not running on 100 percent you can't take care of the people around you," said Dr. Dan Olesnicky, one of the owners of Executive Urgent Care in Indian Wells.

Marlow has been planning shows like this for more than 25 years.  She said they're a great way to build a sense of community between women.

"I think women think with their hearts and I think it connects women.  And when you're looking for a product or service you trust someone you know," Marlow said.

And it's not just women who attend the event.  Some of the men hope there will soon be a show for them.  

"Why leave us out? We can do something combined i guess," said Aldo Luciano, a first time attendee of the event. 

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