As we watched the ball drop at midnight and welcomed the New Year, shots were fired in celebration at two separate locations in Cathedral City.

"I heard a lot, all around, of strong guns, pow, pow!" said neighbor Silvino Gonzalez, of Cathedral City.

Not only is this tradition illegal, but also dangerous.

"Shooting at anything is obviously very dangerous," said Cathedral City Police Sgt. Corwin de Veas."When you don't have control of where that round is going to go, it's extremely more dangerous."

The bullets luckily didn't hurt anyone, but did kill the party for Antonio hernandez, 18, Juan Carlos Bojorquez and Reyes Diaz-Olmeda who were all arrested for felony negligent discharge of a firearm.

Police caught two of them at the 31-400 block of Whispering Palms Trail where they shared a handgun. The third shooter fired an AR-15 rifle on Canyon Vista.

Officers discovered more than 100 bullet casings at each location.

"They had spent some time and did some shooting," said de Veas.

Gonzalez told us celebratory gunfire is not the best way to spark 2014.

"I don't think it's a good celebration for the New Year," said Gonzalez.

"We have been very busy, but we consider getting these weapons off the street and apprehending these guys a big success. It sends a message, Cathedral City police are out there," said de Veas.