The Palm Desert Library has improved from top to bottom. A new roof, new carpet, fresh paint, even some new energy efficient lighting. Plus, more than triple the number of available computers.
     Lyn Manor used to volunteer at the library. He told us, "Really this is a beautiful library, I can't believe how much it's changed over the summer when they started rebuilding the thing. All these computers, there only used to be like ten or twelve, look at them now."
     Ruth Dashiel of Palm Desert is also impressed with the new computer expansion. "There used to be only about 15. And now you don't have to wait. I used to have to wait for a computer all the time," said Ruth.
     New desks feature built in outlets so you can charged your own computer or electronics while you read.
     Waiting to check out could also be a thing of the past with six new automated check out stations installed in the main lobby.
     Want proof you returned a book in the quick drop? The new automated check in will instantly give you a receipt as it sorts your media inside. Making the whole experience easier for employees, volunteers, and patrons alike.
     There's also a new young adult area, along with new furniture, seating, and lots of new media.
     Library assistant Sean Corbin explained the new section to us. "This is the new marketplace area, it's new in the industry and it's very big right now. And, most of the items in the marketplace right now are brand new. New CDs, new DVDs, and new books of course."
     That's great news for a library serving more than 20,000 visitors a month.