25 same-sex couples say "I do" beside Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs

25 same-sex couples say 'I do' beside Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "We're getting married," said excited couple Belinda Neiman and Debra Grabber of San Jacinto.  

They exchanged vows beside the iconic Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs Saturday. 

"I actually proposed here, about a month and a half ago," Grabber said.

They met 16 years ago in Riverside and have been together ever since.  

"We want to continue and have the piece of paper that says we can," Grabber said. 

They're one of 25 couples to officially get married today in ceremonies that included a harpist and a rainbow-colored wedding cake. 

"Being together for more than 23 years we've spent more than half of our lives together and I think this is a really big deal for us today," said Kevin Kostolansky of Palm Springs. 

It was just four months ago that the U.S. supreme court cleared the way for California to become the 12th state to legalize gay marriage.

"It's pretty awesome, I mean for this law to change this year for us and for us to be equals with everybody else really means a lot to us," Kostolansky said.

Kostolansky and his partner, Keith Howard, have been together 23 years and kicked off Saturday's ceremonies.  Several people passing by stopped to watch them say, "I do."

"I'm hoping someday people will just walk by and say it's another marriage between a man and woman or two men or two women," Kostolansky said.  

The ceremonies and post "I do" celebration were made possible through many generous donations from local wedding vendors. 

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