2014 Coachella Festival invades valley

INDIO, Calif. - The Coachella Music and Arts Festival invades the valley yet again.

"We see a lot of people walking, lots of buses," said Linda Edmonds, who lives in La Quinta.

"It's unique, it's massive, it's fun," said Mike Reily, who is attending the festival from Los Angeles.

Nearly 200,000 people are expected to cram into the Empire Polo Club grounds this weekend and next for the star-studded event.  Everywhere you turn you see groups with colorful outfits and drinks in hand, headed toward the nearest shuttle station.

"It's really hard being a local and seeing people run across the street without shirts on and drinking booze and here we are in our little car trying to cross the street," said Abbey Newell who lives in Rancho Mirage and has been attending the festival since she was 18.

Newell and her husband say if they weren't attending the festival this year, they'd stay far away from the valley.

"For locals sometimes it's more of an inconvenience if you don't go to the festival," she said.

"A lot of the outsiders are disrespectful, they throw trash. But it is what it is, they're drunk, and they want to have fun," said Kevin Villalobos, who lives in Indio.

And whether you're a fan of it or not, it's hard to miss the signature festival fashion.

"I did see something that I thought was the typical girl costume: short shorts, loose top, big hats and combat boot-type walking shoes. They look cute," Edmonds said.

"Honestly we wear whatever is going to keep us cool in 90 degree weather," Newell said.

For many locals we met, the festival, much like the heat, is just something they've grown accustomed to.

"We have the space here to do it and the hotels and the availability so I think it's kind of great," said Shelle Taylor.  

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