2 teens in custody after taking joyride on stolen ATV

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - Two teenagers are in custody after taking a joyride on a stolen ATV in Desert Hot Springs Wednesday morning.

Police were called after multiple gun shots were reported in an unincorporated area near Desert Hot Springs. Witnesses described the shooters as young men with a handgun and a rifle who were riding an ATV.

Police caught up with the pair on Miracle Hill Road but they were unarmed. The ATV they were riding on had been reported stolen a few hours earlier.

The ATV was stolen from Clarence Tate.

"I talked to them [the police] two hours ago about the fact that my quad was stolen outside of Vons, and he says, 'well generally these quads are never found'. An hour and a half later, they said your quad was found," said Tate.

"I was ecstatic. These quads are worth about $4,000 so I couldn't be happier with the Desert Hots Springs Police Department," Tate said.

Police said both teens were already on parole. Now, the district attorney will decide the charges the teenagers will face.

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