10th Annual Lumpy's Golf Scramble for Autism helps local families

POSTED: 05:06 PM PDT Apr 23, 2013    UPDATED: 05:51 PM PDT Apr 23, 2013 

Like any other 17-year-old, Danny Corti loves sports, and learning from his dad, Randy. Like any other father, Randy lives for his children.
"With the shock and awe and resentment, and getting through all that. But, man, when you break through all that, life's just really great. I wouldn't want it any different," Randy Corti, owner of Lumpy's in Rancho Mirage, said.

Danny Corti is autistic, and normalcy is a struggle.
"His biggest challenge is expressive communication. Speech, he'll have a hard time communicating with you," Randy said.

Randy told us therapy can cost $110 an hour. The10th annual Lumpy's Scramble For Autism this Friday helps families afford care their autistic child needs.  

"We raise the money and negotiate with the therapist, and then the parents only pay a twenty dollar co-pay. So they can go frequently, get the kids going more often," Randy said.

The money raised has increased tremendously over the past ten years. Last year's tournament raised $106,000.

Randy recalls a story someone told him about how therapy changes lives.

"He goes, 'I just want you to know something. My son is six years old, and he's been going to see Marcy for speech therapy. This past week, for the first time, he said mama or dada.' The kid was six," Randy said.
Helping the community or his son is all the same to Randy.
"Having him has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. The things he has shown me, I never expected," Randy said.

They continue to learn from each other, like any other dad and son.

Contact Lumpy's and ask for Randy Corti to find out how you can get access to these more affordable therapy sessions.

You can also buy tickets to play golf in the scramble this Friday at Lumpy's.