10-year-old Adrian Grajeda receives running leg

10-year-old Adrian Grajeda receives running leg

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Ten-year-old Adrian Grajeda takes another step on his journey to recovery. Make that a few, very fast steps.

"This is pretty much going to change his world right now," said Brandy Grajeda, his mother.
Fitted with his first running leg, he was all smiles and a little out of breath.

His goal after the accident was just to get back on the soccer field, but his other prosthetic wasn't designed for an athlete like Adrian.

"I get really tired easily and it's really stiff when I kick it. It hurts because the vibrations are really strong," Adrian said.

"He could only run for six to 10 seconds and then he had to stop," said Eli Grajeda, his father.

That's no longer the case with his new powerful running blade, donated by the Challenged Athletes Foundation and valley prosthetist Neal Collins of the Desert Prosthetic & Orthotics Group.

"It's a super high-energy foot and it sort of mimics the calf muscles and the propulsion we have when we run," Collins said.

"Amazing, I can actually get a breeze in my face now," Adrian said.

"I'm so so happy about him, seeing him run again and without holding anything back," Eli said.

The leg cost about $12,000 but Adrian will outgrow it and need a new prosthetic about every year or so.

"We worry about that everyday," Brandy said. "We're not wealthy people so it's kind of a challenge."

But all Adrian is focused on is finally catching up to his fellow players, and setting an example for others facing challenges.

"Everything is possible, there's not one thing you can't do," Adrian said.

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