$1 Million reward offered for ex-cop capture

POSTED: 03:49 PM PST Feb 10, 2013    UPDATED: 03:49 PM PST Feb 10, 2013 
Officer Richard Crain

Riverside police today for the first time revealed that Richard Crain, 34, was the Riverside police officer killed Thursday, apparently by Christopher Jordan Dorner, as a $1 million reward was offered for information leading to the conviction of the accused cop-killer.

Riverside police Chief Sergio Diaz said his name had been been withheld
until today because of fears that Dorner might harm his surviving family. But
the Riverside chief said, with a funeral approaching Wednesday, it was time to
release the officer's name.

Crain was a retired Marine. Details about survivors was not released.

Meanwhile, 50 Los Angeles police officers and their families were being watched and guarded against attack today by the ex-cop on a murderous campaign of revenge.

LAPD chief Charlie Beck said search efforts today were still focused on
the snowy mountains of Big Bear, where Dorner apparently abandoned his pickup truck and set it afire Thursday.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the reward money is being
put up by "business, unions, government, law enforcement and community

The LA police chief called it "the largest award every offered locally.
Some have asked why such a large reward.

"This is an act of domestic terrorism," Beck said. "This is a man who
has targeted those that we entrust to protect the public.

"This is not about capturing a suspect, this is about preventing a
future attack, maybe a murder, the chief said.

LAPD resources were stretched today, as the department not only searched
for Dorner but grappled with logistics of providing security for 50 LAPD
officers' homes and families.

At the news conference in Los Angeles, the Riverside chief said it was
time to identify the slain officer publicly, with a funeral pending Wednesday.

"There are several news outlets that have had that information (the
name) because they have figured it out on their own, we are very, very grateful
to you that you have embargoed that," Diaz said.

"This individual has already shown and stated that the families of
police officers are fair game."

Dorner, nursing a grudge about his dismissal from the force, on Sunday
apparently killed the daughter of a policeman and her fiancee in Irvine. On
Thursday, he apparently was involved in shootouts with Los Angeles police
guarding an officer's home in Corona, where police were shot at but not hit.

Crane and his partner were ambushed by a gunman later that morning in
Riverside. The partner was wounded, his name is still withheld.

The unprecedented reward kitty must still be approved by several
agencies, including city councils and county boards of supervisors across
several Southern California jurisdictions.

Los Angeles County supervisors Mike Antonovich and Mark Ridley-Thomas
agreed to make the request at the next Board of Supervisors meeting, on
Tuesday, Antonovich's spokesman told City News Service.

Donors to the reward fund included police officers associations in Los
Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Irvine, Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Staples Center's AEG contributed, as did
the United Firefighters of Los Angeles, and the Association of Los Angeles
County Sheriff's Deputies.

Also contributing were the FBI, First Watch, and the city and county of
Riverside, as well as six anonymous donors.