In this horror classic directed by Brian De Palma and based on a Stephen King novel (between this and "Sleepwalkers," kinda makes you wonder how he got along with his mom, huh?), Margaret White is Carrie's insanely pious mother.

When Carrie begins her menstrual cycle, Margaret slaps Carrie with a Bible and forces her to pray for forgiveness locked inside a closet stuffed with gruesome religious artifacts. But these new energies in Carrie have awakened a supernatural power, the ability to move objects, and she learns to use her power to keep Margaret at bay.

When Carrie puts on her slip-like prom dress, Margaret tells her, "I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will. They're all gonna laugh at you!" Sadly, Margaret was right, they all did laugh at her.

After a bucket a pig's blood is poured on her head, Carrie harnesses her telekinetic abilities to inflict a prom night massacre. "Hold me, Momma," Carrie begs, after making it home. Instead, Margaret stabs her with a butcher knife.

Mo'Nique in Precious

No. 1: Mary, "Precious" (2009)

Based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire, "Precious" co-stars Monique in an Oscar-winning role as an appallingly abusive mother.

Mary is furious that Precious is pregnant with her second child (from her father). In between the beatings she delivers, Mary asks, "Just because he give you more children then he give me, you think you something special?"

Throughout the film, Mary doles out brutality and insults to Precious like they're Halloween candy, including gems along the lines of, "Don't nobody need you. Don't nobody want you."

After delivering the baby, Precious returns home and Mary celebrates the occasion by throwing the infant on the floor and hurling a potted plant and TV at her daughter.

At the end of the movie, when a social worker asks why she did nothing to stop the abuse, she replies, "Who else was gonna love me?" Who indeed?