Rob Bradley

Rob Bradley

Rob Bradley was born and raised in South Florida, where he quickly found his passion for weather. The constant threat of hurricanes, severe weather, and daily afternoon thunderstorms sparked his interest in learning about the atmosphere.

In high school, he developed another passion, one for film and television. There, he produced and created content for the school’s weekly show and non-scholastic competitions. The combination of his two passions led Rob to pursue a degree in meteorology in one of the nation’s top programs, at Florida State University. While earning his degree, Rob participated and even led production in FSU’s daily, student-run, 30 minute weather show. FSU weather broadcasts locally five days a week and live-streams on the internet during severe weather events.

Rob spent his first year in the valley forecasting on weekends and is very excited to now be a part of the CBS Local 2 Morning Show. Forecasting five days a week in one of the most unique areas in the country with such diverse and extreme weather conditions provides a fascinating opportunity.

Besides following tropical and severe weather events, in his spare time, Rob likes to travel, hike, cook, read, play music, and root for the Seminoles!