5 ways to save money on wedding flowers

If you want to fill your wedding venue with flowers but need to stay within a budget, check out these tips for a floral-filled reception that won't break the bank.

1. Choose seasonal flowers. By choosing local, in-season flowers you can save big on shipping costs and get the freshest blooms available.

2. Go for big blooms. Flowers with big blooms might cost more, but they take up more room in an arrangement than those with smaller buds, like roses. They also make a grander statement and you will end up needing less flowers to fill out a vase.

3. Repurpose your flowers. If you're going to have floral arrangements at the ceremony, don't leave them behind! Talk to your florist about using those flowers at the reception venue and make them do double duty.

4. Go green. Leafy greenery costs much less than flowers, so add as much as you can to flower arrangements. This will help fill out arrangements without sacrificing style.

5. Get more bang for your buck with inexpensive flowers. This is going to seem obvious, but by choosing more expensive flowers like orchids and peonies, you will quickly go over budget. Stick to cheaper buds like chrysanthemums, cosmos, daisies, and dahlias for a cheaper arrangement.

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