How to properly clean a fish bowl

While fish can be low maintenance pets, you do need to regularly clean their bowl. Get tips on how to properly clean a fish bowl here.

Prep the new water: Before you start cleaning the bowl, you need to get the new water ready. This should be done the day before. You will replace about 40 percent of the bowl's water, so estimate about how much that is and then put it in a clean, soap-free container. You then need to treat the water with drops from your water treatment kit. After adding the treatment, make sure you cover the water and let it sit overnight so the water becomes room temperature.

Remove your fish: The next day, it's time to actually clean the fish bowl. The first step is to remove your fish from the bowl via a net. Place your fish in the treated water container.

Strain the water: Take about half of the existing water in the bowl and pour it into the new, treated water. When adding it to the treated water, do so through a strainer to remove and solid waste from the water.

Scrub the bowl: With the water out, empty the bowl and scrub the sides to remove any waste or algae. Do not use soap when cleaning. Rinse the bowl when done.

Clean the rocks: If you have any rocks in the bowl make sure you scrub and rinse those thoroughly.

Add back the treated water: Pour the 40 percent of new, treated water and the 60 percent of the strained old water back into the bowl. Then add back the gravel.

Put your fish back in the clean bowl: When the bowl is set, carefully put your fish back into its clean bowl.

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