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Mama's house helps pregnant women in crisis

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - At 21 years old, Heather Partida's life turned down a different path than she expected. 

"I found out I was pregnant and was completely scared. I didn't know what to do. This is not what I planned for my life. I don't have money, my own house, a career, I'm not ready," Partida said. 

She found herself calling a local clinic.

"I made an abortion appointment. The day before that appointment, I was still lost," she said. 

She didn't know where to turn until someone told her about this place. 

"The next day I packed up my stuff and instead of heading over to the clinic for that procedure, I headed over to Mama's House," she said. 

Mama's House offers safe support for women in crisis pregnancies. 

"They offered to stay here rent free. It's a safe private place, free parenting classes, therapy," she added. 

Each girl must work or go to school 35-40 hours a week. As Heather waits for her baby boy to be born, she learns she can be a good mom. 

"I didn't feel capable. Sitting here now I feel very confident," she said. 

"Just ready, she can hardly wait to see that baby face-to-face. We have confidence when she walks out this door she will be ok and that's our goal," founder Jan Lupia said. 

"This is the best gift I've received in my life. I am so happy and word cannot express how amazing this place is," Partida said. 

We can't give you the location of Mama's House, for safety reasons, but anyone in need of help can call or text this number :760-848-8185.   

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