Signs you might have transmission issues

When it comes to car repairs, transmission issues can be among the most dreaded. Some problems can be very minor and cheap to repair, but replacing an entire transmission can be costly.

Take a look at some signs you should watch for to see if your automatic transmission might need a repair:

Gears slipping: Have you noticed your car shifting into a different gear for no reason? This slippage can also be accompanied by a high-pitched or whining sound. This can be a sign that you should have your transmission looked at by a professional.

Trouble shifting into gears: Do you notice rough transitions between gears when you're driving? You might also notice a sound like a "thud" when the gears switch.

Hesitation before changing gears: Does your transmission seem like it's hesitating or just doesn't want to change gears? Is there a pause between shifting from Park to Drive when the car doesn't go? This can be a sign you should have your transmission inspected.

Leaks: Any leakage from your transmission is cause for bringing your car to a mechanic to be serviced. Transmission fluid can range in color from red to brown.

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