Captain Vest says that 99 percent of citations issued are processed and in the court system by the arraignment date on the ticket, and if not by that date, Vest says "most likely the ticket won't ever be processed", and the driver will be off the hook.

For the driver in our story, that means if his ticket does not show up in the court's system by February 12th, he could be off the hook.

Finally, for any driver who receives a ticket, and especially those cases in which the copy of the ticket is lost somewhere in the system, there are a couple of key points to keep in mind. 

First, whenever the court receives a citation from the issuing agency, the court is required to send written notification to the driver.

Secondly, if a cited driver goes to the court on or before the appearance date on the ticket, and the ticket is not yet in the system, the driver should get documentation from a court clerk confirming they were there.