Two security guards at the Toscana country club in Indian Wells are unemployed after incriminating surveillance video stirred some serious allegations.  Surveillance video from inside the guard gate at Toscana on January 4 shows a male guard stumbling, only catching himself on the desk, then taking several moments to gather himself.  "This surveillance video shows him practically unable to care for himself he was so intoxicated," said Richard Nash, one of the guards who was fired.

Nash relieved the stumbling guard that night and believes he was very drunk. Nash recalls the man struggling to speak coherently and using coffee grounds to mask the smell.  Nash went through surveillance video of several cameras from the evening and pieced together what he believes happened.  "He was taken to the Home Owners Association and dropped off with the security director," said Nash.  "There, they spent a number of hours." 

Nash says the video shows the guard and director George Boze leaving the HOA together.  The time stamp shows 7:45 PM.  The next video, inside the booth at 7:58 PM shows the guard leaning against the wall until he finds his balance, then stumbling out of the frame.  Nash took all of it to human resources.  The guard was fired, so was Nash.  The company cited his expired security license, but Nash believes it was retaliation.  "They allowed me to work and said nothing about it until two days, three days after the incident," said Nash.  

The president of Toscana's operating company, Phil Smith, told us by phone that he can't comment on personnel matters.  While Nash is frustrated, he says his real concern is for the club's residents.  "They pay to live behind those gates and they expect their security operations to keep them safe," said Nash. 

He wants Boze removed from the director position for his role in the situation, because he says the video never lies.  "Well, I think it's disgraceful and he's an embarrassment." 

Nash told us he served as the director of security as Toscana from 2003 until 2013 when he left to travel overseas.  He said he appointed Boze to the position before leaving, because he felt he was qualified for the job. Nash came back as a security guard five months ago. 

Nash is considering hiring an employment lawyer.  Mr. Boze could not be reached for comment.