A walk of faith that began at sunrise in Palm Springs culminated at Our Lady of Soledad in Coachella, more than 14 hours later. Believers trekked 30 miles through sunshine, rain, even hail, all to pay homage to their faith.

"When the people walk they're offering something to God and to our mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe. Maybe a miracle, maybe they are praying for healing or they're trying to find something to improve," said Father Allen Rodriguez, a priest at Our Lady of Soledad.  

They walk carrying crosses, memorials and images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When they reach the church they ascend a shrine dedicated to the saint and lay flowers, candles and letters of prayer.

"They come to this shrine and they say I'm offering my life and I'm offering my suffering and this sacrifice is because I'm expecting something good from our god," Rodriguez said. 

Maria Solis has completed the pilgrimage for the past nine years, but this year's walk had even more meaning.

"My nephew is going to have heart surgery so I promised for him I go to walk it and the Virgin helps doctors do everything good," Solis said.

Celebrated on December 12th each year, this holiday also inspires believes to reflect on the last 12 months and pray for a peaceful new year.

"It's also trying to heal not only their own life but heal relationships with sons, kids, maybe neighbors and other people, getting together as one church," Rodriguez said.