INDIO, Calif. -

The Federal Trade Commission reports credit card theft and fraud is on the rise across the country.  The FTC also says  26% of all identity thefts comes from lost, stolen or skimmed credit cards.  "We've gotten new credit cards from our companies frequently, because of potential fraud that they've been checking against," said Vicki Newby.  

Now, to help protect its customers, Target purchased and installed new debit and credit card readers at its stores across the country, including at the Indio location.  Store manager Nick Duran wants to make customers feel safer each time they slide their cards.  "These are extremely, extremely high tech," said Duran.  "In terms of running a skimmer through this, it would be extremely difficult." 

The new machines also makes transactions more private with shield over the keypad.  "I like it when people can't see you, my signature or pin," said Newby.  "I like having that security, it's excellent."

Customers also say the machines help move the check lines faster, a major benefit for Diane Saucedo who spent 22 years working for the company.  "Your idea is to move your guest through as quick as you can," said Saucedo.  "Because they're not here to waste time."  

While Target and other stores look for ways to make shopping more secure, police say the best protection comes from customers themselves. "It's up to you to control it, it's up to you to safeguard," said Ben Guitron from the Indio police department.  

Duran says each card reader costs Target about $700.