Moreno Valley Police say Saturday night a child was taken to a local hospital after exhibiting symptoms of someone who had ingested an illegal drug. 

Police say the child had been playing with other kids at a neighbor's house.  Within minutes of arriving home, the child began exhibiting symptoms of being under the influence.  The child's mother immediately took the child to a local hospital.

During the investigation, officers discovered the child may have consumed candy that was tampered with.  The ingested candy was believed to have been collected while trick-or-treating on Halloween in the 25000 block of Calabria Way, Moreno Valley.

Police say there have been no other reports of anyone in the community becoming ill from ingesting tampered candies. 

The department would like to remind parents to tell their children not to eat treats until parents have inspected them.  Do not give homemade or unwrapped treats to children and discard any items which may appeared to be tampered with.