LA QUINTA, Calif. -

It's Black Friday, part two.

Retailers around the country slashing prices and drastically extending store hours to lure in shoppers who may have procrastinated.

"I'm actually shopping for my son, last minute of course, I've been working a lot," said Amandalee Merryman. 

"I've already bought gifts, I just thought of more people that I want to get more gifts for," said Addy Hernandez. 

Kohl's for the first time is opening for five days nonstop. Macy's, K-Mart, and Toys R Us are also turning into 24-hour shops.  

"It's actually really convenient, I work crazy hours," Merryman said. 

"I think they should close at 10 o'clock and let their people go home," said Steven Carson. 

Many valley shoppers we met still had some last minute gifts to buy, but say they wouldn't be shopping into the late hours.

"I don't particularly care for it, I don't think people should be out late at night," said MaryAnn Garcia. 

"I'd be too tired, probably get the wrong gift or something," Hernandez said.

Others said they welcome any opportunity to save money on things like clothes, toys and electronics in this difficult economy.

"I'm crazy enough to do Black Friday, so for last minute deals of course, and last minute shopping for the convenience I definitely would, it has to get done," Merryman said.

And if you're anxious about facing crowds expected at big box stores this weekend, consider shopping online. Many retailers are offering incentives like free shipping and same-day or one-day delivery on orders placed as late as midnight on December 23.

"It really helps everyone in the long run and they're making a profit from it," Merryman said.