During Today's State of the City Mayor Steve Pougnet was down right angry when he talked about efforts to stop the city's down town development projects. He says he has become so fed up with what he calls frivolous lawsuits, that he is now taking matters straight to the public.

Right now Palm Springs is booming.  Tax revenue is continuing to increase, old hotels are being renovated and new ones are coming in, in part,  thanks to a thriving international airport.

"There is a vibe in Palm Springs we haven't had in years," said Mayor Pougnet. 

But Pougnet says one man, Frank Tysen, is standing in the way of the city growing even more.

"We've been litigated and won the lawsuits and now Mr. Tysen is appealing again something where a judge ruled in our favor and he wants to delay the project, that is what he does," said Pougnet.

Instead of continuing to fight the lawsuit and delaying the Kimpton hotel project, Mayor Pougnet is calling for a special election to let voters decide, even though it will cost tax payers $60,000. 

"We've got hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here, it's not a pissing contest.  He wants an election we are going to give home an election so we can move on," said Pougnet.

Pougnet  is so confident the city is behind him, he and the rest of the city council moved forward and broke ground on the project Thursday afternoon.

"I've got tax payer money not being used.  That money will create economic investment during the 12 to 18 months he wants it to sit while going throughout the courts, I got to get that money working for us," said Pougnet.

People we talked to, want to see the hotel built.

"This is just so needed," said Palm Springs resident Bob Manning.

"I think it's ridiculous I think it should go ahead without a vote," said Rancho Mirage resident Robert La Bianca. 

"It's always good to vote on things but it's too bad it had to come to this," said Palm Springs resident Bergy Nebenzahm.