Palm Desert, Calif. -

Business is booming at Second Amendment Sports in Palm Desert.

"I have folks coming in buying not just one, but maybe two or three at a time," General Manager, Alex Talley, said. "Just to get those firearms in their possession before the registration takes effect."

Starting January 1st, long guns must be registered with the California Department of Justice just like hand guns already are. That means specifying the make, model, and serial number of each weapon sold. Previously, firearms dealers destroyed long gun specific information following the background check. The new law will expand the states database to include records of all guns sold.

"People definitely want to keep the government's eyes off of their personal lives and feel that it's intrusive," Talley said. "People feel that more information is not necessarily needed because it makes no difference."

People like gun owner Hart Broesel.

"I think it's foolish," Broesel said. "Number one, look at the laws we have now. We just don't enforce them."

Not every gun owner thinks keeping closer track of which guns are registered to lawful gun owners is a bad idea.

"I think the data base may actually be a very good idea," Debbie Rey said. "I'm a gun owner and I have a few guns. I like to go out to the range here and shoot. I think there's nothing wrong with gun control, as long as everybody can have their guns. As long as we know where they are, I think it might be even a better idea than what we're doing."

Other gun safety laws going into effect in 2014 in California establish a criminal offense if firearms are not stored safely away from children in the home, and a measure requires people to keep their guns locked, if they live with someone who's barred from owning a weapon because of a criminal or mental health record.