A sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man in a Coachella neighborhood Monday night.  According to Deputy Armando Munoz, it started at 9:45PM on the 4800 block of Camino Real in Coachella, near Avenue 48 and Calhoun.  Munoz said the deputy was serving two felony arrest warrants at a home when a fight broke out with the man.  The deputy shot and killed the man.  

Authorities identified the man Tuesday afternoon as 39-year-old Luis Morin, a resident of Coachella.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots.  It is unknown what the felony warrants were for and if Morin was armed during the fight with the officer.  

A mobile command center was set up on the street and deputies said they planned to be at the scene to investigate for several hours.

The district attorney and the sheriff's department are handling the investigation.

Family members of Luis Morin have started a memorial in front of the home in his honor.