The shooting at LAX prompted a lockdown of one of the world's busiest and biggest airports, creating a ripple effect for travelers at airports all across the country.  Nearly 750 flights were affected, some headed towards LA in morning, diverted. Two Virgin America flights en route to LAX were instructed to land at Palm Springs International Airport.  One was flying from Chicago, the other from Newark/New Jersey.  Levi Holloway was on the flight Chicago.  He sat on the terminal floor with his girlfriend while waiting for friends to pick them up.  The two were flying to Los Angeles to attend a wedding in Temecula.  Those plans quickly changed when news of the shooting reached the plane.  "We just started watching the live feed of what was going on," said Holloway.  "Within a few minutes, the pilot came on and said that they're going to slow down you know and wait for instructions." 

Jason Wexler was on the flight from Newark with others who found transportation out of the desert.  "The airline chartered a bus, a few different busses to go back to LA," said Wexler.  

Wexler chose to wait for his girlfriend to drive to Palm Springs to pick him up and spend a weekend in the desert. All the while, he thought about the timing of his flight.  "Pretty scary," said Wexler.  "I guess if I had been there like a few hours later, I think they were in terminal of Virgin America." 

Terminal 3 at LAX is home to Virgin and a few other domestic airlines.  Holloway and Wexler finally left PSP and continued with their trips, empathizing with a hectic day for air travelers everywhere.  "When it happens in a place that thousands of people commute everyday," said Holloway.  "Obviously, it affects people all over the world."