MORONGO, Calif. -- -

Mom Christine Amos will be dropping her kids off at four different schools this year.

"We have second, we have fourth, we have seventh, and ninth grade," Amos tells us all the different grades into which her four kids, two boys and two girls, are going.

One thing she won't be worrying about -- school supplies. The Morongo Band of Mission Indians raised $30,000 at a golf tournament for the Boys and Girl's Club of the San Gorgonio Pass.

With that money, more than 400 kids will get new Nike tennis shoes (fit to order), socks, and a new sweatshirt for the colder months.

"It helps her out a lot." Amos' son Christian says, "I even asked to pay, but she said no. So, it's great because I see her working hard, so it's a good thing."

After picking up shoes and sweatshirts, students got a brand new backpack filled with pens and pencils, notebooks, glue sticks, and even hand sanitizer.

"It kind of helps level the playing field a little bit," said Amy Herr, Executive director for the Boys and Girl's Club. "They all get to start off the school year fresh and with all the things they need."

"We don't do it to get publicity off it, we do it because it's in our nature." Council member Damon Sandoval is right. The tribe has a charity budget of at least 1 million dollars a year. This exceeds that budget.

"We had a number of parents that were actually in tears because they said that they were befuddled as to how they were going to be able to put shoes on their children's feet this year," Herr says, as she describes fitting day for the new shoes.

One of those parents -- Christine Amos. "This is just awesome," she said, "This has been awesome, this is a great program, I love this."