It's over a year behind schedule, but the Date Palm Drive/I-10 interchange is almost complete, just a month left to go. But it looks like it's complete enough for local taggers. 


Up close it could be considered art, with a splash of color here and there.  However, take a step back, and look at the whole picture, it's a much different story. 

"It's everywhere you can't stop it," said resident Floyd Dickson.

Large graffiti has turned the new Date Palm overpass into an eyesore. 

"I think it's horrible, all of this tagging going on around here, it's no good, people got to clean it up and they don't even think about it, why don't they go on and tag their own houses," said resident Art Chavez.

"Some things they shouldn't been writing on," said Dickson. 

It won't be easy to clean up.  The wall is made up up textured concrete wall and not easily accessed. 

"Here is a brand new bridge and it's all graffitied on and everything, it makes it look really bad," said Chavez.

Cathedral City Police agree.  "Imagine you working on a project yourself and somebody coming up and destroying it, it's very discouraging," said Sgt.Corwin De Veas.

"Especially with all of this money that they are putting out, taxpayers, it's horrible," said Chavez.

That's why Cathedral City tries to remove it as soon as it's reported. 

"If we don't clean it up immediately then other people will try to mimic it or we will get copy cats or we will get it covered up with other graffiti.  The best procedure is to call us," said De Veas.

No one did for this graffiti.  De Veas tells us it's been up for a week and we're the first to report it.