You're probably heard about the cable war going on here in the Valley and across the country.  From bars and restaurants to the internet and special antennas, millions of people must find new ways to watch their favorite shows.

"I think it's hogwash, I think they just need to get their feet on the ground and figure out something else to do instead of picking on the channels," says viewer Larry Reiche.

The cable wars affect more 3 million people around the country and here in the valley.  Here, you can't see NBC, KCAL 9, or Showtime, that leaves customers looking for alternatives.

 "If it doesn't change, yes, I'll go to Verizon Fios," said viewer Ken Borshell.

Others switched to satellite TV or plan to watch online.  Larry reiche went a step further, "I do the little Netflix and put the antenna on the roof and get my local channels."

Roc's Firehouse Grille says people came to them to watch football.

"The bar was full and we pretty much filled up the whole dining room last night so it was nice," said owner Jayme Cook.

A welcome extra boost in business during the summer. 

"It was a blessing.  We got a little extra action.  It was fun," said Cook.

Here's the bottomline.  Networks and TV stations want Time Warner Cable to pay them more money.  But, the cable company says that's "outrageous" and "unreasonable".  Now, we should be clear, the cable war between Time Warner and CBS affects viewers in New York, Los Angeles and six other cities.  It does not affect CBS Local 2.