Las Vegas, NV -

Timothy Bradley retains his WBO Welterweight Title Belt after a split decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez.

The Champ improves to 31-0, 12 knockouts in his career. The fight was scored 115-113 Marquez, 115-113 Bradley, 116-112 Bradley.

Throughout the entire fight Bradley played up the underdog role in a crowd that was pro Marquez and chanted "Marquez" and "Mexico" the entire night.

But Bradley held his ground and said after the fight he won by being a smart fighter. He was asked after the fight about what's next, with speculation looming about a potential rematch with Manny Pacquaio or a showdown with Floyd Mayweather. 

But for now, Saturday October 12th was The Desert Storm's night in Las Vegas. 


Below is a live stream from fight night.

Live Stream from Saturday

End of Fight

Bradley wins by split decision! What a fight!

After 9 

Unbelievable fight so far... Bradley still looks strong and moving around very well... conditioning obviously paying off. 

After 7 rounds

Bradley with some solid defense in the 7th to get out of trouble, Marquez slow and steady progress.  This could go the distance. 

After 4 rounds

Marquez comes in strong rounds 3-4... Bradley needs to gain some momentum

After 2 rounds

Unbelievable last 10 seconds to 2nd round... have a feeling a knockout will win this.