Blanks teaches Tae Bo to early Valley risers

Billy Blanks says wake up early, get moving

POSTED: 01:19 PM PST Jan 14, 2014    UPDATED: 06:03 PM PST Jan 14, 2014 
Blanks teaches Tae Bo to early Valley risers
LA QUINTA, Calif. - -

Warm winds set the mood for a warm up before the Clinton Health Matters Conference Tuesday morning at the La Quinta Resort.

More than 50 people of all ages woke up with the sun, ready to kick and squat with fitness guru and Tae Bo founder, Billy Blanks.

"He's been around a long time, always had a very intense workout, but I haven't done it in 30 years so this was exciting!" exclaimed Suzanne Dubarry.

Dubarry took classes with Blanks in his early days, and says that he has as much spunk and enthusiasm as he did when he started making fitness videos. Attending the conference, Dubarry, from Rancho Morage, created a way to keep track of medical devices, and was happy that Blanks kicked off the conference.

"It was intense!" she says, "It was wonderful!"

Also braving the 30-minute, cardio workout, Vicki Sullivan from south Florida. She says Blanks was an inspiration to adults and kids alike.

"How do we make wellness something that people want to do?" Sullivan posited, "They were wonderful. They were wonderful examples of that."

Working out early is the ideal time to maximize your happiness and fitness, according to Blanks.

"I believe that if you get up in the morning you might feel like you're too tired, but all of a sudden and get your blood circulating, start to move your body... The next thing you know, you start to wake up and start your day with a boom!"

Blanks continued, "When you get up in the morning you might not be who you really want to be at the beginning of the day, so I think physical fitness gives you the chance to change yourself before you see people."

In the front row, conference speaker Dr. Martin Abrahamson, Senior Vice President of the Joslin Diabetes Center.

Dr. Abrahamson says a simple workout could have a serious impact.

"There is evidence already if people who are at risk for the development of diabetes do some moderately intensive exercise for 30 minutes a day for five to six days a week, and loose a little bit of weight, they can reduce their risk for developing diabetes by almost 60%."

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