Golf is a game that challenges individuals both physically and mentally. But what happens when a force away from the game takes you off-course?

Heather Drew a local golf professional from Bermuda Dunes joined the LPGA Tour in 1983 and played for more than 13 years. In 1996, at the peak of her career, Drew was diagnosed with with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

 "I couldn't even hold a pen the morning of the Pro-Am, much less swing a golf club, so I obviously knew something wrong was going on," said Drew.

 "It was just such a shock really, I mean one day when you are making your living as a golf professional. But really, she took a little time to feel sorry for herself but then she started thinking what can I do," said fellow golf professional Allison Finney.

After receiving treatment, Drew  first made her return to the game as a caddie. But Drew still had the itch to play and ultimately returned to the course as a player and is now playing on LPGA Legends Tour.

You can catch Drew in action at the LPGA Western Section Championship, May 5-7, at the Rancho La Quinta Country Club.