Joshua Tree, CALIF. -

 For the past 5 years thrill seekers from around the world have been coming to the Coachella Valley for a unique adventure.

The man in charge is Quad Squad ATV Tours owner Randy Simpson,"You get dirty, you get dusty, it's fun, it's the feel of outdoors."

"Oh I think of golf courses and resorts but this is a totally different experience," said Amy Lawerence, a first time rider.

Simpson began his business in Colorado, but expanded and headed west to the Coachella Valley 5 years ago for the weather and great riding conditions. He says his favorite part of the business his meeting people from around the world.

" Europe, Australia, Asia, they come everywhere to Palm Springs because it's a mecca for just being in the sun and the fun.

The fun in the sun brings an special emotion to riders every time. 

"This is the look (smiles) right here, the smile, so everyone is just happy, at first it can be scary, nervous, but by the end they come back and say this is the best thing I've ever done."

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