One Palm Springs resident says petitioners tricked him into registering for a political party under the ruse of helping the unemployed.   

"On my levels this is highly unethical," said local resident Peter Huard. 

Huard said he just wanted to support a cause he thought people standing outside a grocery store in Palm Springs were collecting signatures for. 

"He spoke to me and directly stated that this was for a petition to help primarily elderly unemployed to become employed and that the republican party was the one funding this project," explained Huard.

So he agreed to sign.

"I specifically asked, 'this is not a registration to vote is it?' and he clearly staid, 'no you are not voting for the republican party, this is a petition," said Huard.

Huard signed his name and gave his address.  "There were no red flags, there was nothing to indicate that there was anything fraudulent occurring at the time," he said.

But about a week later, he got a voter registration card in the mail.  "I looked at the party that stated I was then assigned to and it said republican and I just went what?!" said Huard.

The Riverside County Registrar's Office did confirm that the voter registration card was signed by Peter Huard however all of the other information including which party he wanted to be affiliated with, was filled out by somebody else.

"This is just a petition, he kept stressing the word petition, petition, petition, petition, so in my mind I am thinking this is a petition," said Huard.

The Registrar's Office says the group called Untied Petition Network turned in his registration form.

"They are allowed to assist with filling out voter registration forms and they are required to fill out the bottom of the form with their information," said Riverside County Registrar of Voters Kari Verjil.

We did try to contact Untied Petition Network, but our calls and emails were not returned.  

The Registrar's Office says they will forward Huard's complaint to the Secretary of State's investigative unit and says this is not the first case like this they've seen.

"It is not unusual as the petition season gears up that we will get additional complaints, but right now we are not seeing a high volume of complaints," said Verjil.

To protect yourself, the Registrar's Office says read everything you sign, both the front and back and if it is a registration form, mail it in yourself. 

"I always encourage voters be careful with your personal information, anytime you are giving out your home address, phone numbers you just don't want to leave that with a stranger," said Verjil.

"Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, is irrelevant.  Every person is still entitled to a fair and just voting process and selection of their party," said Huard.

The Registrar of Voters says if something is changed you will get a new registration card in the mail.  Make sure you read it over and if anything is wrong call them right away.