Students shocked to learn they elected sex offender

Riverside Community College student body president's past is made public on flyer

POSTED: 06:41 AM PDT Apr 05, 2013 

Riverside Community College administrators are standing by the student body president after his history of sexual abuse was made public.

Doug Figueroa, 40,  was elected to the position last year.

Figueroa admitted to kidnapping and committing lewd acts with a boy under the age of 14 back in 2005. That information was made pubic after someone posted it on a flyer handed out to students on campus.

His five-year prison sentence was suspended and he is currently serving 10 years probation.

College administrators released a statement saying Figueroa had notified them of his status as required, and they could not find a reason to keep him from running for school office.

Figueroa says he is looking forward to changing the stigma attached to some sex offenders.