Slow job growth keeping twenty-somethings out of work

The current national unemployment rate for people in their 20's remains in the double-digits

POSTED: 06:17 AM PST Feb 01, 2013    UPDATED: 08:44 AM PST Feb 01, 2013 

As the economy continues to improve, twenty-somethings continue to struggle to find work.

The current national unemployment rate for people in their 20s remains in the double-digits and in California, the current unemployment rate for 20-to 24 year-olds is 17 percent.

"It used to be when you were a twenty-something there were lots of entry-level positions available because the job market was healthy, now we are seeing people who are older taking those entry-level jobs because they don't have a job," said Joe Cockrell, spokesman for Brandman University.

Nathan Sippel, along with his sister Melina, have created their own path to success in a very slim job market.

"Every person that walks in that door we remember their name, we immediately give them attention and we make them laugh and everyone gets a free cookie who is a first timer," said Melina Sippel, co-owner of TKB Bakery and Deli in Indio.

Unlike the Sippels, many twenty-somethings can't find work or only work part-time.

Claudia Gamlin is an activities coordinator for the Indio Workforce Development Center and says the first thing any job seeker should do is gear their resume specifically to the job for which they are applying. Gamlin also says certain job fields are expected to be in demand in the near future.

"Workforce has identified the growing industries to be healthcare, business support, infrastructure, utilities and green energy," said Gamlin.

Graduating students might want to think about interning. Experts say interning is a great way to gain experience and build professional relationships.

Making an online connection with employers can also help your chances of landing an interview. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to identify people who work in a certain industry.

The workforce center in Indio offers assistance with resume and interviewing skills. Computers are also available for job search use.

If you happen to be out of work and looking for job there will be a workshop on using social media and online job searching at Brandman University in Palm Desert.
     That's going to be on Wednesday February 6th from Noon-1p.m.
     42600 Cook St, Ste 134, Palm Desert, CA
     (760) 341-8051

Written by Alex Batres, Morning Anchor / Reporter KESQ.  You can reach Alex at