Riverside County Sees Blue After the Election

Democratic Party Picks-Up Ground in Riverside County

POSTED: 04:09 PM PST Nov 12, 2012 

     Riverside County's delegation to the state and nation's capital are made up largely of Democrats, for the first time since the 1980's.
     With multiple wins in the Assembly, Senate and Congress, Riverside County hasn't seen this much blue in decades.
     Democratic support went beyond Democratic registration, with the party winning over Independents and the state's ever-growing Latino population, that has historically and traditionally voted Democrat.
     Some point to redistricting in Riverside County as another factor that gave Democrats the edge.  The party spent unprecedented amounts of money in the county, on registration alone.
     Others say the negativity of the Republican campaign could be to blame for losing their stronghold. Ellie Kurpewski, with Democrats of the Desert says, "The attacks on women in this campaign, it was like nothing I've ever seen. The attack on the Hispanic community and gays and lesbians...full out attacks. I think people looked at all of this and said wait, I don't agree with this."
     The Riverside County registrar of voters still has over 15-thousand vote-by-mail and 60-thousand provisional ballots to process.
     The latest results will be posted at 6 o'clock, Tuesday evening.