Palm Springs homicide victim identified

Police still have no suspect information or arrests to report

POSTED: 12:26 PM PST Dec 06, 2012    UPDATED: 12:33 PM PST Dec 06, 2012 
Billy Douglas Paulson apartment in Palm Springs homicide murder cornerstone

The Riverside County Coronor's office released the name Wednesday of a man who died at a Palm Springs apartment.

Police initially thought Billy Douglas Paulson, 51, of Palm Springs died unattended at the Cornerstone apartments on the 300 block of North Sunrise Way Saturday night.

An investigation led authorities to believe Paulson was killed, perhaps murdered.

Neighbors pointed out what they believed was a bullet hole on the exterior of the Paulson's apartment.

"It was pretty intense. Cops everywhere, fire trucks, everything was here," neighbor Devon Dunnington said.

"I just came home and saw that there was caution tape and cops everywhere and everyone was out on their balconies and I asked what happened and they said they think there was a homicide," Devore said.

There was no word Wednesday from authorities whether Paulson was shot or injured in some other way.

There was also no arrests or suspect descriptions.