INDIO, Calif. -- -

"We miss her. We miss her. We miss my dad. They miss their uncle. I miss my brother."

Priscilla Ramirez' family is missing.

On January 3rd, Cecilia and Roberto Soto-Munoz, and their son Armando Salinas left Zinapécuaro Michoacán, Mexico.

They still aren't home.

"Very unusual,” says sister in-law, Mary Ann Ponce. “They would always call, let someone know they're on their way, after they pass Mexico."

"When I called my dad's work and he didn't show up, that's when I started worrying because my dad would not miss work."

In fact, Ramirez’ dad won awards for his perfect attendance as a maintenance worker at PGA West -- for 25 years.  He even earned his high-school diploma in 2012.  It just arrived in the mail on Monday.

Meanwhile, Cecilia Soto-Munoz is on daily medication for her back.

The Soto-Munoz’ would take the trip to Mexico to visit family once a year.  They knew the route, and the dangers.

The family may have traveled through Ciudad Juarez -- a city on the border of Texas and Mexico, notorious for cartel activity.

"My dad had California license plates on his truck and that's… That's a no- no right there,” says Ramirez, holding back tears.

The three were in a 2003 Ford F150, with an additional camper on the back. Ponce agrees, fearing the worst.

"People with guns, they just go in and shoot.” Ponce continues, “They don't care for life. Long as they get what they want."

For the first time in three weeks, Ramirez heard from local and Mexican authorities, but they were just checking to see if she had heard anything more -- so far, they have come up empty handed.

Ramirez wonders if anyone is even looking.

"They don't care who my mom is, who my dad is, who my brother is. They don't care."

After we placed a phone call, the Mexican Embassy sent the Soto-Munoz's car information out to state troopers, hoping to get some sort of clue.

Until then... It's a waiting game.

"Whatever the condition is that they're in, I just want them to come home,” Ramirez cries, “I just want them home."

Authorities encouraged Ramirez’ family to stay in America, and not search on their own. They said the process would include contacting the missing person's foundation in Mexico.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, call the Thermal Police Station at (760) 863-8990.

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