Guilty Verdict in Lambert Case

Niroula and Garcia guilty on 10 counts

POSTED: 05:24 PM PDT Sep 07, 2012    UPDATED: 12:56 PM PDT Sep 08, 2012 

"Guilty" is the verdict for 2 men accused in the murder of a Palm Springs retiree. Nearly 4 years after the death of Clifford Lambert, a jury convicted the final 2 of 5 men charged in Lambert's death. We were first online with up to minute updates as the verdicts came in and Tamara Damante was the only local reporter in the courtroom, as the verdicts were read.

After close to three days of deliberations, the jury arrived at a verdict. "We the jury find the defendant guilty of first degree murder of Clifford Lambert, as charged in Count 1."

Kaushal Niroula proceeded to smile and nod his head. He continued to do so, as each count was was read. "That the murder of Clifford Lambert was intentional and carried out for financial gain is true."

Both Niroula and Daniel Garcia were found guilty on all 10 counts. Garcia's reaction was quite the opposite, choking up. You could see a single tear run down his cheek. "That is the murder of Clifford lambert was intentional and carried out for financial gain is true."

Afterwards, outside the courtroom, it was celebrations and hugs between the jury and Deputy District Attorney, Lisa DiMaria.
She says, "This jury is incredible. I've never received such an outpouring of love and admiration and this jury cared for Mr. Lambert so tremendously and he deserved that. He was so brutally murdered, his remains have never been found. So, for 12 people to care as much as I've cared all these years, it's incredible."

Wray Pomeroy has been following the case since day one. He says, "I'm feeling very good. I think we just put away two of the most despicable persons in this country if not the planet."

DiMaria couldn't agree more and commented on the defendants' reaction to their guilty verdict. She says, "Garcia's a little bit of a better actor in my humble opinion. Either that or he is truly crying for himself."

Daniel Garcia's sentencing date is set for October 4th and Kaushal Niroula will be sentenced December 14th.