Griffith Park Bird Sanctuary reopens today

After being destoryed by a fire in 2007, vistors will be welcomed

POSTED: 05:50 AM PST Dec 19, 2012    UPDATED: 06:12 AM PST Dec 19, 2012 

The Griffith Park Bird Sanctuary, destroyed in a 2007 fire, will reopen today.

The Department of Recreation and Parks has completed a series of repairs
to the sanctuary, including catch basin restoration, fence repair, trail
grading and the removal of a large number of downed trees, according to Scott Levin-Gesundheit, communications deputy for Councilman Tom LaBonge.

The bird sanctuary, located in a wooded canyon with a small stream,
affords visitors views of many species of birds in their natural habitat.

"The reopening of the bird sanctuary ends another chapter of recovery
for Griffith Park," said LaBonge, whose district includes the park. "The fire
brought Angelenos closer together and now we will be able to gather in the bird sanctuary yet again."