From Durroville to Mountain View Estates

Families Start Moving out of Durroville

POSTED: 04:33 PM PST Nov 16, 2012    UPDATED: 05:45 PM PST Nov 16, 2012 

   It's moving day for 32 families, who are leaving Durroville behind, for a new address in Mountain View Estates.
     It's the beginning of a better way of life for close to 200 east valley families, who will gradually move-in, through spring of next year.
     75 more families are expected to move-in by the end of December.
     The families say they never thought they'd see the day when they'd be checking out the amenities of their new modular homes.
     Each family will pay $425.00 a month and that includes security and trash pick up.
     Durroville Court Appointed Receiver, Tom Flynn says, "It's tremendous for all the families, but it's really a testament to the generosity of the Coachella Valley, keeping the Durroville community going family by family."
      All 181 families should be moved-in,  by May of next year.